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Original Compositions for Ten-String Guitar  

The compositions listed below in chronological order have been written specifically for the 10-string guitar of Yepes's design, with its standard string setup. Note, however, that the use of the instrument is not limited to this original repertoire. The modern 10-string guitar has been designed to function also as a six- and seven-string guitar, excluding almost none of the guitar's traditional repertoire. Also, none of the numerous transcriptions are listed here, with the exception of a couple of works adapted for 10-string guitar by or with input from their composers. This repertoire database has been compiled by Viktor van Niekerk. It represents numerous years of (ongoing) research and is updated whenever a new work is written or discovered.
Excerpts from some of the sheet music are available to view by clicking on the thumbnail images. When available and known to us, links have been provided to audio/video samples of the pieces, programme notes, or to the composers' and publishers' websites.
Bruno Maderna's Y despues for 10-string guitar, copyright by Ricordi, Italy
Bruno Maderna, Y despues (1971) copyright by Ricordi, Italy
Maurice Ohana ( 1914 -1992)
Tiento (1955; rev. early 60's for 10-string)
Publisher: Billaudot
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)
Maurice Ohana (1914-1992)
Si le jour parait... (1963-64), Publisher:
I. Temple
II. Enueg
III. Maya-Marsya
IV. 20 avril (Planh)
V. La chevelure de Berenice
VI. Jeu des quatre vents
VII. Aube (Alba)
modulos I (1965)
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)
Antonio Ruiz-Pipo (1934-1997)
Cinqo Movimientos
"para la guitarra de diez cuerdas de Narciso Yepes" (1965)
II. Allegretto
III. Muy lento
IV. Vivo
V. Cantabile
090512011601_RP2 090512011547_RP1

Leonardo Balada (*1933)
Analogias (1967), Publisher: Beteca Music

I. Propulsiones
II. Oscillaciones
III. Contornos
IV. Abismos

090512124621_Balada3 090512124621_Balada2 090512124621_Balada1

Leon Schidlowsky (*1931)
Interludio (1968)
Publisher: IMI
Bruno Maderna (1920-1973)
Y despues (1971)
Publisher: Ricordi
Narciso Yepes (1927-1997)
Two Catalan Folksongs, Publisher:

I. Montanyes del Canigu
II. Catarina d'Alio
Philippe Drogoz (*1937)
Prelude a la Mise a Mort (1973)
Publisher: Transatlantiques
(for prepared 6- or 10-string guitar)
Jorge Labrouve (*1948)
Nueva op. 8 (1974)
Jorge Labrouve (*1948)
Enigma op. 9 (1974)
Publisher: Max Eschig
Jose Ramon Encinar (*1954)
El aire de saber cerrar los ojos (1975)
Publisher: Suvini Zerboni
Jean-Paul Holstein (*1939)
Du futur... a... l'au-dela (1975)
I. Du futur...
II. A...
III. L'au-dela
090512010425_Holstein2 090512010425_Holstein1
Boucles op. 5 (1977)
Publisher: Motus Editions
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)

Danza (1977)
Jose Peris Lacasa (*1924)
Maurice Ohana (1914-1992)
Cadran Lunaire* (1982), Publisher:
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)

I. Saturnal
II. Jondo
III. Sylva
IV. Candil

Amaury du Closel (*1956)
Cadence (1982)
Francisco Casanovas (1899-1986)
La gata i el belitre (date?)
Publisher: Schott
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)
Alfonso Casanova (*1953)
4 Breverias para guitarra (1985)
Publisher: Edicion Particular
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)
Alfonso Casanova (*1953)
Preludio Digital (1985)
Publisher: Edicion Particular
Concepcion Lebrero (*1937)
Remembranza de Juan de la Cruz (1986)
I. Sonando
II. Despertando
III. Cantando
IV. Tocando la guitarra
V. Arriesgando
VI. Pensando
VII. Ascendiendo
090512122424_Lebrero4 090512122424_Lebrero2 090512122424_Lebrero1
T. E. Fleming
Solis-Prim (1988-95)
I. Mithra
II. Les sept degres
III. Le banquet sacre
090512015050_Fleming2 090512015050_Fleming1
David Hoenigsberg (1959-2005)
African Sonata (1990; rev. 2004)
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)

I. A Basutu tune...
II. A quiet summer evening...
III. Fast - Meno mosso - Tempo I
IV. Energetically

Publisher: Cadenza Music
I. The Spider Dances
II. The Spider Laments at Night

Martin Derungs (*1943)
Elegie, op. 59 (1996)
090512012447_Derungs2 090512012447_Derungs1
Mountains, Wind and the Lake (1997)
Publisher: Homa Dream
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)
Circolare melodioso (c. 2002)
Contemplation (2002)
Romanze (c. 2002)
Stephen Goss (*1964)
Oxen of the Sun (2003-4), Publisher: Cadenza Music
(for 6- and 10-string guitars, one player)

I. Sirens
II. Pan
III. Aeolus
V. Arethusa
VI. Circe

I. Julia Sets
III. Primitive Contraptions  
Margrit Schenker (s.a.)
from that gave birth to the sky (2005)

Fritz Buss (*1930)
Warum? (2006; rev. 2008)
(for 6- or 10-string guitar)
I. The Void
II. Le sang d'Isolde (Anahata)
III. Nou goth sonne under wode
Daniel Mouthon (s.a.)
Tentativ (2009-2011)

Pascal Jugy (*1960)
I. Tete de linotte
II. Paille en queue
III. Compere loriot
Anabasis I (2011)
Desiderata (2011)

Alejandro Arroyo (s.a.)
Ulkantum Mapuchinas: Paisaje Sonoro Mapuche (2011)

The Echo of the Shark Caller (2012)

Ice (2012)

Julian Bertino (*1991)
The Dying Tree (2014)  - click here for the score

Christopher Wendell Jones (*1969)
Plastic Moment (2016)
Maurice Ohana (1914-1992)
Trois graphiques (1950-57; later rev. for 10-string)
for 6- or 10-string guitar
2222 / 2200 / timbales, 4 perc, str
Publisher: Amphion
Antonio Ruiz-Pipo (1934-1997)
Tablas (1968-69/72)
for 6- or 10-string guitar and orchestra
Publisher: Union Musical Ediciones
Leonardo Balada (*1933)
Persistencias: Sinfonia concertante (1972)
for amplified 6- or 10-string guitar
2(pic).2.2.2. 2.2.2+bass trom.0. 0.1. pi str
Publisher: Schirmer
Jorge Labrouve (*1948)
Jeux op. 12 (1975)
for 10-string guitar and twelve strings
Amaury du Closel (*1956)
Concerto (1984)
for 10-string guitar and orchestra
Jorge Labrouve (*1948)
La respuesta op. 24 (1985)
for flute, viola and 10-string guitar
Alfonso Casanova (*1953)
Tecnica Mixta (1986)
for flute, viola and 10-string guitar
Publisher: Edicion Particular
David Hoenigsberg (1959-2005)
African Sketches (1988)
for flute or oboe, (10-string) guitar and optional African shaker (or tambourine)
I. Dawn
II. Hunting
III. Night
David Hoenigsberg (1959-2005)
Antique Suite (1988; rev 2004)
for (10-string) guitar and harpsichord
I. Kayalami
II. Hamba!
III. Simbamba's Dance
IV. Tombi's Song
V. Tokoloshi

Maurice Ohana (1914-1992)
Anonyme XXe siecle (1988)
for (10-string) guitar duet
Publisher: Billaudot
Ignacio Yepes (*1961)
for various recorders (one player) and 10-string guitar
Leaf Carrying Song (1991-93/2002)
for oboe (d'amore [or flute]) and (10-string) guitar

Arata Kobayashi (s.a.)
Dialogue (1993)
for flute and 10-string guitar
Publisher: Japanese Federation of Composers

Margrit Schenker (s.a.)
that gave birth to the sky  (2005)
song cycle for alto and 10-string guitar

Adoration (2008)
for bass flute and 10-string guitar

Daniel Tacke (*1985)
Recueillement (2009)
for soprano and 10-string guitar

Ciaccona (2012)
for flute, viola and 10-string guitar

For a more extensive catalogue of original compositions for guitars with ten strings (regardless of string configuration or tuning), refer to Andreas Hiller's pages, here.
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